Dec 13, 2016
Still waiting for your shift to Elastic 5.0? Stop waiting and seize the moment!
  • At Devoteam we had the chance to help one of our midsize financial customers to set up a new IT Operational Analytics Elastic Stack based on the 5 release and migrate all functionality from the old ELK Stack. Their ELK stack was used to normalize and enrich events before sending them to a 3th party SIEM tool. Besides implementing the standard Open source components, we also implemented the newest X-Pack features like Security, Alerting and Monitoring.

  • During this journey we were challenged to adapt our plugin code to use the new (totally Java based) plugin API. At the end we had to fix some bugs, deploy new agents and introduce new functionality, such as the Ingest Node and the Dissect plugin. Curious how we survived this and how we accomplished to successfully deliver customer value? Also ready to setup your ITOA Data Lake with Elastic Stack ? Or just use it for data analytics ?


  • Visit our upcoming Elasticsearch Meetup hosted at Devoteam.  We will explain everything and at the end show you a small demonstration. See you @ DevoteamNL