Multiple challenges
  • The current challenge for companies is to secure customer loyalty while both reducing service development cycles and driving down costs. Organisations need to be more agile and technology has become the catalyst for more innovative and profitable business lines.

    Under the pressure of the mass market's new usages and high expectations, businesses are demanding more from their IT departments. Cloud is uniquely qualified to satisfy these needs. But moving to the cloud requires a tailor-made strategy.



Customers benefits
  • Improved return on investment

    Through the migration of commoditized services to the cloud, you reallocate resources to services that deliver value and differentiation for the business. And by adopting the pay-per-use model, you increase control over IT spending and scale service usage to your evolving needs.

  • Increased agility

    A service orientation, with its flexible access and fast provisioning of cloud resources, enables you to avoid the complications of technology evolutions. Cloud computing always provides access to the latest technology.

  • Extended flexibility and scalability

    The large capacities and the shared-resources model offered by the cloud (public or private) allow you to rapidly adapt your IT capacity to your business needs.

  • Enhanced quality and continuous availability

    Cloud computing gives you access to resources anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Key figures
  • Cost savings
    Up to 50% for a global cloud strategy
  • Provisioning time
    Reduced from weeks to minutes for new services
  • People efficiency
    Improved by introducing new devices and usages
Our value propositions
  • Right Cloud
    Define the best cloud strategy and transformation roadmap
  • Private Cloud
    Optimise the way you build, maintain and operate your private cloud
  • One Cloud
    Deal with the integration of multiple cloud services
    to ensure their combined efficiency and sustainability
Partners & affiliates
  • RedHat
    Red Hat® is the first global provider of Open Source software solutions. Its communitary approach enables it to deliver reliable and efficient technologies such as cloud, virtualization, storage, middleware and Linux operating systems.
  • IBM
    Devoteam Netherlands is IBM Premier Business Partner thanks to our extensive knowledge, expertise and successes in Rational and Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure Solutions.
  • Microsoft
    As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Devoteam Netherlands demonstrates best-in-class capability within Microsoft Application Development and Collaboration and Content, next to the Silver Competences on Midmarket Solution Provider, Small Business and on Cloud Accelerate.
  • Xamarin
    Xamarin is a software company founded by the engineers of Mono(Touch). They created Xamarin, the popular powerful service for building cross-platform native applications.
  • Microsoft
    Microsoft is a market leader in PC operating systems and office suite. The company also produces a wide range of other software for Internet search, digital services and mobile phones.
  • Citrix
    Citrix provides server and desktop virtualization, networking, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and cloud computing technologies, including Xen open source products.
Case studies
  • Devoteam bouwt slimme cloud oplossing voor ICT broker
    Devoteam beschikt over veel expertise in nieuwe ontwikkelomgevingen zoals .NET en bewees dat opnieuw bij een grote ICT broker. Ter vervanging van drie verouderde systemen werd voor deze klant een nieuwe, geavanceerde cloud oplossing ontwikkeld. Op 12 september jl. werd release 1.0 uitgerold met daarin een nieuw portaal, krachtige functionaliteit en de data uit het oude systeem. Senior Engineer Elco Bouma van Devoteam was bij de ontwikkeling betrokken en licht de gemaakte technische keuzes toe.

  • Requirements oplossing brengt business analisten bij ABN AMRO op één lijn
    De bouw van een applicatie bij een organisatie als ABN AMRO is geen sinecure. Naast de eisen en wensen van de opdrachtgever met betrekking tot de functionaliteit van de applicatie, moet ook worden voldaan aan talloze nationale en internationale regels en wetten. De bank zelf kent ook afspraken om te borgen dat de applicatie aansluit op de gekozen architectuur. Dit alles leidt ertoe dat softwareontwikkelaars vanuit allerlei afdelingen binnen de bank requirements krijgen aangeleverd in verschillende formaten en met een eigen terminologie. Dat kan leiden tot begripsverwarring met als gevolg langere ontwikkeltrajecten en fouten in de software. Om die reden werd Devoteam gevraagd mee te denken over de inrichting en implementatie van een oplossing. Die oplossing moest helpen om business analisten van de bank requirements te kunnen laten vastleggen en aanleveren. Ronald Koster, architect bij het Center of Expertise Tooling van de bank vertelt.

  • Realworld Systems chose Office 365 as a powerful alternative to Google Apps: intuitive, user-friendly and scalable
    To implement Office 365, Realworld Systems enlisted the help of Devoteam Netherlands. As a Microsoft Deployment Partner, Devoteam is the obvious partner. Most of all because of the extensive experience and certified engineers and consultants.
  • BMW Group builds its Private Cloud
    BMW Group is the world’s leading provider of premium products and services for individual mobility.
    The company has activities in more than 150 countries with 76 B€ revenues in 2013.
  • A Large German Automotive Company rolls out a Private Cloud to support its worldwide collaboration platform
    A successful automotive manufacturer decided to implement a new integrated collaboration platform for more than 200.000 employees. The platform included email, chat, web & video-conference services and the support for virtual project teams worldwide.
  • Mobily: When a Telecom builds a Private Cloud to support business service management
    Mobily is the second largest mobile operator in Saudi Arabia. The company is growing fast in the region, with 22 million subscribers in 2013. To meet its business priorities and anticipate its future needs, Mobily clearly needs a robust and reliable IT infrastructure. Mobily's challenge was to allow its internal business units to provision database and web servers themselves.
  • Deutsche Boerse Cloud Exchange is the first marketplace for cloud computing
    Supporting the creation of the first marketplace for cloud computing, DBCE
    Devoteam has been chosen to support the creation of the world's first vendor-neutral marketplace for cloud computing: the Deutsche Boerse Cloud Exchange (DBCE). This new marketplace enables IT resources to be traded electronically, with full transparency.
Meet our experts
  • Jeroen Kuiper
    Senior Software Engineer - The Netherlands
    Enabling me to use my creativity and analytical skills on a daily basis.
  • Krishna Simonse
    Senior consultant - The Netherlands
    My job allows operating on or near the cutting edge. New solutions, it’s what I live for.
  • Tobias Hummel
    Head of Automotive Business
    Offer Director Cloud Transformation Region Central Europe - Germany
    Dealing with interesting customer challenges every day and working together with our expert teams on valuable solutions. Adapting our service offering continuously, following rapidly changing market demands.
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