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Telecommunications industry players are faced with intense competition, managing ever-increasing end-customer expectations while facing the complexity of network evolution, time-to-market demands and profitability pressures.
On one hand, network operators need to employ network assets to deliver a differentiated and preferred user experience, which has become the key driver for adoption and retention. On the other hand, there is a need to simplify ways of connecting people to future-proof networks and to reduce the total cost of ownership.
Customers strategic options
  • Roll out and converge new technologies in a cost-driven context

    Network operators are moving towards next generation and 4G networks. The vision is a customer-centric all-IP-based network. They introduce more advanced and integrated services to end users while at the same time optimise network assets. Convergence is the most effective way for operators to maximise the value of new technologies. 

  • Constantly optimise network load while facing exponential traffic increase

    Strong adoption of smartphones and social networking, as well as connected laptops and increasing video consumption, is generating unprecedented demand for bandwidth. This demand is compounded by the growing trends in shared cloud computing and centralised private clouds in the enterprise space.
    To meet the increasing bandwidth demands for advanced services and to reduce costs for more basic services, networks need continual optimisation to facilitate capacity reallocation and upgrade.

  • Consolidate and optimise telecom expenses

    The diversity of offers and providers (all with their own billing methods) generates complexity in expenditure consolidation, monitoring, prediction and rationalisation. Finding a way to control these expenses from various sources will allow significant savings.
    Implementing appropriate governance and control to reduce costs while maintaining the desired level of service has become crucial for companies.

  • Manage investment choices to meet innovation and business needs

    Align business and technology by defining a telecom roadmap.
    Build a service catalogue and manage the transformation to accelerate the adoption of innovation and guarantee quality.

Key figures
  • 40% improvement
    in network performance
  • 15% reduction
    in OPEX costs
  • x8 ROI
    in savings
  • 70% reduction
    in operational faults
Our value propositions
  • Enabling the Cloud
    Use best practices to implement the technology while reducing the impact upon capacity investments and operational costs
  • Cost Saving Innovation
    Identify and deliver tangible OPEX cost savings in the network
Case studies
  • New infrastructure across 20 countries at Carlsberg
    Carlsberg is the world’s fourth largest brewery group. The flagship brand – Carlsberg – is one of the best-known beer brands in the world. More than 43,000 people work for the Carlsberg Group. As an independent wholly owned business affiliation Carlsberg IT (CIT) provides consultancy, development and services on IT solutions in the Carlsberg Group.
  • Building a multiservice network design for a network equipment supplier
    A network equipment supplier needed to propose an access aggregation network concept. Devoteam delivered the network design to the customer, including protection, services and dimension concept. The result was a footprint-optimized solution, including CAPEX savings up to 15%.
  • Achieving huge OPEX savings for a leading network operator
    For over 2 years, Devoteam worked with a leading UK operator to investigate and implement OPEX savings within its transmission department in addition to improving processes. Cost savings were achieved by the understanding of processes, systems and finances for all leased customer circuits before taking action to remove and consolidate circuits as well as management of customer invoices on behalf of the operator. The net result was a €13,8 million saving, identification and rectification of database defects in toolsets, and a policing function to stabilise transmission planning quality in the network.
  • 3 people looking at a screen
    Performing quality assurance testing for Next Generation Intelligent Network migration
    The main challenge of one of the major Belgian telecom operator was to make an inventory of all impacted end-to-end services in the network that have been implemented over the years. The project covered the quality assurance - discussing and evaluating the business requirements of new pre-paid promotions, validating and testing the development and delivering the validated promotions to the operational department. Thanks to our fully automated test package, the customer can execute a significant test scope for every software application or configuration update in just a few working days.
Meet our experts
  • Sean Foster - NT Account Director
    Sean Foster
    Network Transformation Account Director - United Kingdom
    Being challenged to stay "ahead of the game" in a highly competitive market with full support, strategy and direction on a local and international level.
  • Benny Moonen
    Network Transformation Regional Offer Director - Belgium
    Proud working together with top class Devoteam professionals and realizing the business value and growth at our customers in a continuous evolving ICT market
  • Simon Ruszala
    Network Transformation Practice Manager - United Kingdom
    I feel a keen sense of pride working in such an evolving market and with top class people supporting our strategy
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    A leader in Enterprise Service Management, ServiceNow automates and manages global IT service relationships and consolidates IT across the global enterprise.
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    Drago is a major consulting company in Information Technology and Busines
  • Devoteam Open Solutions
  • RedHat
    Red Hat® is the first global provider of Open Source software solutions. Its communitary approach enables it to deliver reliable and efficient technologies such as cloud, virtualization, storage, middleware and Linux operating systems.
  • BCS
    BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, is the leading institute for IT professionals around the world that promotes wider social and economic progress.
  • AssistKD
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  • S'team by Devoteam
    S'team fédère et développe les activités de Maîtrise d'Ouvrage, de Management Projet, d'Assurance Qualité des Sytèmes d'Information et de pilotage de Projets Digitaux pour le Groupe.
  • ServiceNow
    A leader in Enterprise Service Management, ServiceNow automates and manages global IT service relationships and consolidates IT across the global enterprise.
  • IBM
    Devoteam Netherlands is IBM Premier Business Partner thanks to our extensive knowledge, expertise and successes in Rational and Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure Solutions.
    Devoteam software organization that designs, implements and maintains an integrated and full-web platform dedicated to Governance, Risk and Compliance and Business Continuity Plan.
  • Idecsi
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  • Microsoft
    As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Devoteam Netherlands demonstrates best-in-class capability within Microsoft Application Development and Collaboration and Content, next to the Silver Competences on Midmarket Solution Provider, Small Business and on Cloud Accelerate.
  • Ilex
    Ilex develops and implements security solutions: identity management, access control, CMS, SSO, authorizations management, identity federation.
  • Axance
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  • Xamarin
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  • Loglogic
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