What is at stake?
  • Best practice in information security and compliance for enterprises is often seen as a headache and a "grudge purchase", but all enterprises are facing the same threat landscape.
    Clients want their sensitive information protected. They want:

    • A secure and efficient IS (BCP/DRP)
    • To combine the flexibility and agility of access (new technologies) and safety
    • To be protected from risks (economic, financial, legal and operational)

    Today, Devoteam serves the security needs of more than 250 clients, implementing emergency plans (BCP, DRP, BIA), audits and security policies and, more globally, diverse risk management projects.

    • Devoteam can support you in identifying and controlling your risks to improve your return on IT investments. We bring you pragmatic and operational answers, based on our multi-sectorial experience
    • We assess your vulnerability related to technological risks and regulatory compliance
    • We work closely with partners to protect your brand, e-reputation and sensitive assets
    • We guide you in the risk governance management (ISMS, stepped up medical monitoring), to assess your use against best practices and standardize your controls
    • We build your Emergency Plan based on a method adapted to your business needs, while complying with the regulation framework
    • Our Risk Management team can run your Emergency Response Tabletop Exercises to guarantee the constant improvement of your environment
Key figures
In the European Union, cybercrime represents 0.41% of the GDP, that is about €75B every year.
  • Certification
    More than 40 certified people
  • Audit
    Devoteam has conducted 1,400+ audit campaigns
  • Vulnerabilities
    86% of websites have serious vulnerabilities
Our value propositions
  • Risk Management
    An effective risk governance allows businesses to be at the forefront of their strategic opportunities by adapting their business models to the market
  • Governance & Architecture
    Assist our customers to design asset security
  • Security compliance
    Ensure that your information privacy and security is aligned with risks, standards, baselines, regulations and laws applicable to your organisation
  • Business Continuity Plan
    Between legal compliance and operational insurance, business continuity is a standard for good governance today
  • Security Services
    Balancing safety, design and implementation while ensuring the success of complex projects.
Partners & affiliates
    Devoteam software organization that designs, implements and maintains an integrated and full-web platform dedicated to Governance, Risk and Compliance and Business Continuity Plan.
  • Idecsi
    Idecsi offers security solutions for email confidentiality of companies' executives and top management.
  • Cyber-Ark
    Cyber-Ark specialises in designing, developing and integrating technologies and solutions for privileged credentials and management of accounts that pose critical risks.
  • Qualys
    Qualys is a provider of cloud security and compliance solutions.
  • SafeNet
    SafeNet leads the encryption industry in Enterprise Data Protection and Software Rights Management solutions for both commercial enterprises and government.
  • SailPoint
    SailPoint offers identity governance, provisioning and SSO for security, compliance and reduced costs.
  • PingIdentity
    PingIdentity delivers single sign-on and identity management, increasing IT security and providing secure mobile access to the cloud.
  • Verdasys
    Verdasys provides Enterprise Information Protections (EIP) solutions that secure proprietary and sensitive data and the integrity of business processes.
Case studies
  • Devoteam helped Docapost DPS to achieve the renewal of an international security certification for their Dematerialization Department
    Docapost Document Process Solutions (DPS) is a subsidiary of the French company La Poste that is number one in France to provide a complete panel of solutions to manage the dematerialization of papers or to monitor and archive digital documents.
  • Steering a French Bank transformation project in order to comply with Basel III requirements
    Basel III established a new set of global standards for capital adequacy and liquidity for banking organisations. Although principally aimed at banks, these standards apply to certain other types of financial institutions as well (e.g. EU investment firms). The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision developed Basel III to supplement and, in certain respects, replace the Basel II standards. The core elements of Basel III were finalized at the international level in 2010.
Meet our experts
  • Gaël Bouchard
    Associate Partner - France
    Sense of pride working in such an evolving market with top class team and clients. Our positionning allows me to be at the forefront of developments generated by the groundswell of business models transformation
  • Bouchra Benmousa
    Senior Security Consultant - Security Resource Manager - France
  • Martin Esslinger
    Partner and Practice Area Manager Risk & Security Central Europe - Austria
    Combining personal interests with professional success
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